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Pantheon New Abilities: Everything You Need to Know

Pantheon new abilities were revealed for the League of Legends champion. The Unbreakable Spear received a rework and fans are excited to get their hands on the "newest" champion in the game.

Here's an in-depth look at Pantheon's updated League of Legends kit.

Pantheon's New Abilities

Nearly everything about Pantheon is brand new—including his look and expanded lore. As revealed in a Gameplay Preview published on July 30, his P, Q and E are new abilities while his W and R have just been adjusted to flesh out the kit.

"What we're trying to do here is move him to where he's no longer determiniscially going win in these ways that he was before," said Bryan "Riot Axes", a Riot Gameplay Designer working on the hero's update.

Pantheon's P, Mortal Will, is your basic poking attack to build stacks and empower your other abilities.

His Q, Comet Spear, is a ranged attack that has him stab or hurl his spear in a chosen direction and deal damage to any enemies in its path. Enemies will take damage and are slowed when this is empowered.

His W stun, Shield Vault, remains mostly the same with Pantheon leaping toward his target and stunning them while getting a few blows in while empowered.

With his E, Aegis Assault, Pantheon uses his legendary shield to protect himself from damage while charging forward and bashing his opponent at the very end.

Pantheon's ultimate, renamed Grand Starfall, also remains mostly the same with the warrior launching into the air and crashing down to the field at an angle to sweep through the field.

"For new Pantheon's kit, we changed every spell, but tried to stay close to the spirit of what the character was about," said Bryan.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games