Pantheon Skins New Splash Art Revealed Ahead of Rework

Pantheon skins were tweaked and new splash art revealed Monday alongside his overall rework announcement.

Pantheon, the Unbreakable Spear, is getting an overhaul on his kit in an upcoming League of Legends patch. Riot Games released a behind the scenes video detailing his rework and how the developers went about redesigning his kit.

Additionally, new splash art images were revealed for his popular skins. An anticipated rework usually leads to fans getting excited about new skin updates. Take a look at Pantheon's new splash art.

League of Legends Pantheon Rework Skin Splash Art Revealed

Pantheon has nine total skins, four of which are in the Legacy Vault. Here's splash art for each of his skins:

Base Skin
Base Skin /
Dragonslayer Pantheon
Dragonslayer Pantheon /
Myrmidon Pantheon
Myrmidon Pantheon /
Glaive Warrior Pantheon
Glaive Warrior Pantheon /
Baker Pantheon
Baker Pantheon /
Full Metal Pantheon
Full Metal Pantheon /
Perseus Pantheon
Perseus Pantheon /
Slayer Pantheon
Slayer Pantheon /
Ruthless Pantheon
Ruthless Pantheon /

Pantheon's does not have an official release date as of writing. Expect more information on the updated champion once the League of Legends Public Beta Environment is updated.

For more information on Pantheon's League of Legends rework, click here.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games