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Parken Sport & Entertainment and Nordisk Film Cease Operations of North

North Esports are no more.
North Esports are no more. / Photo by North

A sad day has come about for European Esports organization North as they were forced to disband after only four years.

North was an esports organization based in Copenhagen, Denmark, they were primarily known for their teams in CS:GO, FIFA, and Apex Legends. The announcement, which came through the FC Copenhagen Twitter page, claimed that due to a lack of subsequent funds being generated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, that both Parken Sport & Entertainment (PS & E) and Nordisk Film would be ceasing all future investment into the small Danish company and focus their efforts elsewhere.

FC Copenhagen also announced that they will be acquiring North's FIFA roster so that they can maintain their status in the eSuperliga. As for what will become of the rest of the players and staff involved with this once plucky organization remains to be seen, but we sincerely hope that they move on to better and brighter things.