Party Flex Option Arrives in Overwatch Update 1.44

The Party Flex option for Role Queue arrived in Overwatch on Thursday as part of Overwatch Update 1.44.

Party Flex allows groups of Overwatch players to select multiple roles when queueing for a game mode with Role Queue enabled.

The role choices and Competitive rank of the party members may affect which roles each player can select. If more than two members of the party select the same role, the players without other roles selected will receive that role instead of players who also selected other roles.

Overwatch Update 1.44 introduces the ability for player to choose where their Custom Games are hosted, though the default option will typically find the best available option.

Update 1.44's headlining addition is Lunar New Year 2020, the first Overwatch seasonal event to begin in 2020. It brings new skins for several heroes and the return of the Capture the Flag game mode on top of balance changes for Baptiste, Mei, D.Va, Orisa, Hanzo and Doomfist.