Pathfinder Becomes Most Popular Legend, Overtakes Wraith and Octane

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Thanks to the Season 16 shake-ups, Pathfinder has become Apex Legends' most popular Legend, overtaking both Octane and Wraith.

Changes in the Apex Legends pick rates are commonplace, particular after a round of buffs and nerfs, but usually further down the leader board. Season 16 saw some dramatic gameplay changes across the board, with Legends being given reworks to fit them into the new class system.

The changes even saw some Legends get a popularity resurgence, with the likes of Crypto and Catalyst each seeing a spike in pick rates. But at the top of the board it's been a pretty consistent battle between three popular Legends — Wraith, Octane and Pathfinder.

Pathfinder Becomes Most Popular Legend, Overtakes Wraith and Octane

The three Legends have always been fan-favorites, though Wraith had dominated the number one spot for some time. But now, according to Apex Legends Status, Pathfinder has overtaken the Skirmisher with a 12.4% pick rate at the time of writing.

Right now, the top three spots looks like this:

  1. Pathfinder — 12.4%
  2. Octane — 10.2%
  3. Wraith — 10.1%

That's a massive lead from Pathfinder, and many have chalked it up to some recent buffs. Pathfinder's zipline has been given greater range and speed, improving his already impressive mobility once again.

Apex Legends Season 16 is set to end early next month, and Respawn seem set to add another Legend into the mix with Season17. Whether or not that will upset the balance once again remains to be seen.

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