Patrick Bamford FIFA 21 Team of the Season: How to Complete the Objective

Manchester City v Leeds United - Premier League
Manchester City v Leeds United - Premier League | Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

Patrick Bamford of Leeds United has earned himself a FIFA 21 Team of the Season objective card in celebration of his stellar year with Leeds United’s return to the Premier League.

The English Striker has an upgraded 89-Rated TOTS card achievable via completing specific objectives in the FUT main menu. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Bamford TOTS card objective.

Patrick Bamford TOTS Objective Requirements

Patrick Bamford’s TOTS card can be achieved by completing the following objectives in either Squad Battles or Division Rivals.

  • Score 12 Goals using English Strikers (min difficulty in Squad Battles: min professional)
  • Assist in three separate matches with 11 Premier League Players in your starting squad (min difficulty in Squad Battles: min World Class)
  • Score using Premier League Players in seven separate wins (min difficulty in Squad Battles: min Professional)
  • Score a finesse goal in 12 separate matches using English players (min difficulty in Squad Battles: min World Class)

At the end of completing this group objective, you will receive 1500 XP for season progress, one Gold Pack, one Premium Gold Pack, one 75+ rated rare player pack, and one electrum players pack, as well as the Bamford TOTS card.

Patrick Bamford TOTS Stats

Bamford’s TOTS card is his fourth special card in FIFA 21, after three Gold In-Form cards. He has three-star skill moves and weak-foot, High-High work rates, and a High and Average body type at 6’1”.

Bamford’s TOTS card is his fourth special card in FIFA 21, after three Gold In-Form cards.
Bamford’s TOTS card stats | Photo Courtesy of FUTBIN

His TOTS been boosted to the following base stats:

  • Pace: 89
  • Shooting: 91
  • Passing: 83
  • Dribbling: 88
  • Defending: 50
  • Physicality- 88

Patrick Bamford TOTS Objective Analysis

This TOTS Bamford card is quite the grind during TOTS, but it is not a bad card overall. His three-star skills and weak foot hurt his chances of being in many end-game teams or even reserves, but as an English TOTS striker card that you can achieve for free, he is a solid card.

His shooting stats are great, with perfect positioning and great finishing: Bamford’s positioning being 99 means he will almost always find himself in a great position or run to put the ball behind the net, and his shooting stats mean he will finish his opportunities at a high rate, as long as it’s on his left foot. His physicality stats are solid with solid but low aggression and jumping, which is unfortunate considering his size and high defensive work rates.

For a striker his passing is good, and with a chemistry style such as deadeye or finisher, he will be a useable striker for your English or Premier League squad if you lack a great number 9 upfront. Compared to players you may have already earned throughout the game cycle though, he could be useable, however, he does lack some of the stats that make a “meta” card in FIFA 21, including at least four-star skills or weak foot as well as high-level dribbling and pace stats.

Overall, this is a solid card: not the most “meta” card but Bamford is definitely good, but for the number of games and grinding you must complete to unlock him, during a promo like TOTS where players are focused on earning the top cards through packs and weekend league, his value is not too high, unless you’re a Bamford or Leeds or English fan.