PC Call of Duty Warzone Players now have Two-Factor Authentication

Free-to-play Warzone Players on PC now have two-factor authentication
Free-to-play Warzone Players on PC now have two-factor authentication / Courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty Warzone players playing on PC will now have to authenticate themselves through text messaging when trying to log into play. Cheaters have made their presence known in Warzone, even resulting in a player-made petition to try and remove PC players from crossplay. This seems like it will be an additional measure to ward off cheaters that make crossplay an unenjoyable experience for some console players.

Two-Factor Authentication

This will only affect players who are trying to play Warzone through the free-to-play method rather than playing the battle royale game mode through the full game purchase of Modern Warfare.

Console players have already had two-factor authentication systems in place for awhile now through Xbox and PlayStation, so the two-factor authentication for PC should make the Warzone community significantly safer and less prone to ruined games.

Although a bit inconvenient, this is a welcome addition and a solid step forward to discouraging players from cheating and removing the amount of bot accounts that may join games and ruin gameplay. Hopefully, Infinity Ward has much more to come in limiting the amount of cheaters and griefers in Warzone.