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Peerless Warrior Halo Infinite Challenge: How to Earn Willow Tea Armor Coating

Willow Tea, an armor coating for the Mark VII armor core.
Willow Tea, an armor coating for the Mark VII armor core. / Image courtesy of 343 Industries

Want to earn the Willow Tea armor coating in Halo Infinite? Here's what you need to know.

Halo Infinite has been kicking off with some challenges, giving players the chance to earn some decent XP. Completing the Weekly challenges nets players the chance to try their hand at the Ultimate Challenge - Peerless Warrior. These Ultimate Challenges provide players with some exclusive rewards, making them well worth the trouble.

Here's how to complete the Peerless Warrior Ultimate Challenge and earn the Willow Tea armor coating.

How to Complete Peerless Warrior Challenge and Earn the Willow Tea Armor Coating

The Peerless Warrior challenge has a fairly simple requirement, though in practice it might be a bit trickier than it lets on. To complete the challenge, players will need to get five Killing Sprees.

Wondering what a Killing Spree is in Halo Infinite? Well, luckily we've got you covered there.

You'll need to get five Killing Sprees in a single game. If this wasn't tricky enough, if you get, say, 15 consecutive kills, that still only counts as one. Needless to say, this will be a frustrating one. Watch out for players with power weapons, because they're sure to give you some grief.

Be tactical. Go for some power weapons of your own, and don't be afraid to hide out to let your shields recharge. Try to make use of grapple hooks to get yourself out of some tight spots.

Once you've managed five Killing Sprees, you'll earn the Willow Tea armor coating. The coating currently only seems to apply to the Mark VII armor core, so sadly it doesn't look like you'll be able to apply it to your new Yoroi armor.