Pekoe Animal Crossing New Horizons: Villager Details

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Pekoe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a cub villager with blue eyes and black bangs. Pekoe has been included in every Animal Crossing game since Animal Crossing: City Folk. She is first seen wearing the Hot Spring Shirt or a Sleeveless Silk Dress, with ears that appear similar to ox horns, a traditional Chinese hairstyle.

Pekoe is a normal villager who has a welcoming personality towards players and other normal villagers. She also socializes well with lazy, peppy, smug, and snooty villagers. Pekoe, however, might cause conflict with other cranky and big sister villagers.

As a normal villager, Pekoe sleeps at 12 a.m. and wakes up at 6 a.m.

Pekoe Animal Crossing New Horizons: Villager Details

Pekoe has a nature hobby and can be found a reading a book about flowers, bugs, fish, or fossils. Her favorite food and drink are a donut and a tea can.

Pekoe's name is derived from pekoe, a type of black tea that is made from young tea leaves. Her favorite colors are red and beige.

Her home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons consists of an Imperial Partition, Imperial Bed, Cherry-Blossom Branches, Traditional Tea Set, and a Phonograph. Pekoe's exterior home decorations include a red and white Eastern-inspired design, with a black roof and a hanging red lantern.

Pekoe prefers cute and elegant styles of clothing. Access the Nook Plaza for more information about Pekoe's favorite items of clothing and furniture in order to become "true friends" with her.