Perrserker Pokemon GO: How to Get

Perrserker Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know about this Galarian cat
Perrserker Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know about this Galarian cat / Niantic Labs

Perrserker Pokemon GO has a few unique tricks up its furry sleeves.

Niantic Labs first implemented Perrserker as part of the Throwback Challenge Champion event on June 3, 2020. For the first few days of its release, trainers found that this Pokemon made no sound upon prompt or encounter. This was quickly fixed in the next update.

Below are a few choice tips, tricks, and trivia about Perrserker.

Perrserker Pokemon GO Evolution

Perrserker is a steel-type originally hailing from the Galar region. It is the counterpart of Persian and the evolved form of Galarian Meowth. Currently, it cannot be found in the wild. Trainers can only acquire Perrserker through evolution.

Its CP ceiling is 2386, has an attack stat of 195, defense of 162, and stamina of 172. It can have a hitpoint total of 147. Its best moveset contains Metal Claw and Ironhead. Unfortunately, this Pokemon may not be the best choice in gyms or trainer battles. If chosen, however, trainers should keep it in an offensive role.

The best counters for Perrserker include fire, ground, and fighting-types. Those looking to take on Perrserker may find success with Galarian Darmanitan, Machamp, and Sirfetch'd. Movests to keepa n eye out for would be Overheat, Counter, Dynamic Punch, and Close Combat.

Perrserker's PokeDex number is 863. Also known as the Viking Pokemon, it is best known for its tough iron-like fur and love for battle. Trainers can evolve Galarian Meowth into Perrserker using 50 Meowth candies.