Pharah Lands Quintuple Team Wipe

Pharah lands quintuple kill with some help from Bastion.
Pharah lands quintuple kill with some help from Bastion. / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Pharah lands quintuple team wipe while a useless Bastion fires from behind.

While Pharah is fully capable of wiping an enemy team with her ultimate, she can feel like a sitting duck sometimes. And with teams full of shields and heals, it's actually pretty hard to grab all six kills. Usually, you can earn two or three kills before the team will target you and take you down.

If you're teamed with a Mercy, there's a good chance you can add another kill to the group, but any good enemy team will instantly switch to you and finish you off.

That's why the play from Redditor LunaMay196 was so amazing. There was no Reinhardt or Zarya set up, simply put, the Pharah flew up and unleashed hell on her enemies. The best part has to be the end when you see a Bastion trying to flank and is simply spraying bullets at the dead bodies. He wanted so badly for his play to work, but Pharah beat him to the punch.