Pharaoh Ana Skin Images, Price, Rarity: Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019

Pharaoh Ana skin was revealed as one of five new legendary Overwatch skins for the Halloween Terror event.

Halloween Terror is a seasonal Overwatch event each year celebrating October's spooky holiday. Select Overwatch heroes receive new Halloween themed skins while previous event skins are released at a discounted price.

Ana is one of the heroes to receive a Halloween skin this year. She previously had an epic rarity skin titled Ghoul, but now she's getting the legendary treatment.

Here's everything you need to know about Ana's spooky new skin.

Pharaoh Ana Images

Blizzard released this still image of Ana posing in her new skin. The skin features a mummy wrapped skin and a green undertone on the back of her cape.

Pharaoh Ana Price

Pharaoh Ana can be acquired two ways: via loot boxes or by purchasing the skin in the Hero Gallery. For the latter, the skin will set players back 3,000 credits.

Pharaoh Ana Rarity

As previously mentioned, Pharaoh Ana is a legendary skin. She is one of five heroes to receive a legendary skin this year. She also has an epic skin available for 250 credits in the Hero Gallery.

Overwatch Halloween Terror is now live.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard