Phasmophobia Crucifix Not Working: How to Fix

Phasmophobia Crucifix not working and how to fix it.
Phasmophobia Crucifix not working and how to fix it. / Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia Crucifix not working is a common complaint among players of the swiftly rising psychological horror game.

Kinetic Games' latest release is quickly climbing the charts as this season's most popular paranormal game. Phasmophobia centers on four players tasked with discovering evidence of ghostly activity in several haunting locations. They must use their knowledge, strategic cunning, and the equipment at their disposal to stay alive long enough for evidence to be unearthed.

Phasmophobia Crucifix Not Working: What to do

Phasmophobia's crucifix mechanic not working may actually be a false flag on the part of the player. Items such as crucifixes, smudge sticks, and other conditional pieces of gear may be difficult to get exactly right.

For some players, the crucifix may not be working due to the ghosts already having entered their hunting phase. Crucifix items, specifically, are meant to prevent ghosts from hunting. Unfortunately for players, you cannot prevent an in-game event that is already happening. All you can do is hide and hope for the best.

To correctly use the crucifix, find the ghost's room and place it down in the center. This will permanently prevent any hunting behavior.

Smudge sticks are the only items in game that can pause a ghost's hunting phase.

Phasmophobia is currently available on PC via Steam. It is VR compatible but does not require a VR system to play.