Phasmophobia Photo Rewards Guide

Phasmophobia Photo Rewards Guide
Phasmophobia Photo Rewards Guide / Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia photo rewards guide shows how to complete the seven kinds of photo rewards. These rewards are obtained by using the camera to take pictures of different objects to obtain rewards. Some of the photos you'll have to take are difficult to get, as you have to be very close to the objects you photograph for the camera to capture them. Let's get into the list of objects you need to photograph, and how to get it done without being maundered by ghosts.

Phasmophobia Photo Rewards Guide

Here are the seven objects you need to photographs to obtain all the photo rewards:


Bones will be found in ay house in the game.

Dirty Water

Often appears in the pool of the building. the ghost may respond to the players calls, but it's up to chance whether it appears.


Make sure the angle captures the entire ghost right when they appear.

You can only capture this photograph after you encounter a ghost. Utilize your purple flashlight to see the fingerprint or handprint.


Ghosts can also take pictures. Hey, who knew! Take a picture of an interactable object, like the phone ringing.

Teammate Corpse

Try to convince your teammate to take one for the team.