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Phasmophobia Roadmap Update Revealed

Courtesy of Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia fans might be wondering about the new information the developers just released in the recent roadmap update. Kinetic Games has revealed some of the content that will soon be arriving in the popular multiplayer horror game.

While there have been many popular survival games released over the past few years including Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th, Phasmophobia is notable for how it's an entirely cooperative experience. Players take up the role of paranormal investigators as they search an abandoned house to learn information about the ghosts that have taken up residence. Phasmophobia goes to great lengths to make the gameplay as realistic and intense as possible, and the future updates announced will further contribute to that goal.

Phasmophobia Roadmap Update

Kinetic Games recently revealed a roadmap update for Phasmaphobia showing many of the features planned for the title. The entire roadmap can be found on their official Steam page, but below are some of the highlights.

The first big improvement is adding Custom Difficulty giving players the option to make the game as easy or as difficult as they want. This accommodates new players while giving veterans a greater challenge. Another big focus for Kinetic Games is revamping the progression system which will occur over several updates in 2023. Finally, later down the line Phasmophobia is in store for massive graphical overhauls to improve the visuals and sounds.