Phasmophobia Training Guide: How to Complete the Training Mission

This Phasmophobia training guide will show you how to complete Phasmophobia's training mission.
This Phasmophobia training guide will show you how to complete Phasmophobia's training mission. / Photo by Kinetic Games

This Phasmophobia training guide will show you how to complete Phasmophobia's training mission. This mission will give you a good sense of the controls and inventory item uses in the game so it's a good idea to give it a try before you start playing.

Phasmophobia Training Guide

You'll start out in the Ghost hunting truck, which will function as your mission hub. here you'll have access to maps, cctv footage, your team's sanity gauges, and the ghost activity gauges. Take a look at the whiteboard on the wall. It will tell you the location of the ghost and tell you to check out the slide show on the tv in the house. Make sure you pick up the key next to the computer keyboard so that you can get in. click the keypad to get out of the truck and then head into the house.

Upon entering, you'll see the tv in front of you. Walk over and click the remote to advance the slides. It will show you the controls and explain some of the mechanics of a hunt. It will then ask you to set up a camera in the ghost's room.

You can find the camera in the truck. you can pick it up with "e" and put it down with "f". Make sure you turn it on by right-clicking first. You can also rotate it by left-clicking. Place the camera in the ghost's room and turn the lights off. Then head back to the truck to check for ghost orbs in the footage from the computer monitor. After that, it'll have you get the ghost journal.

This can also be found on the truck. You'll want to leave it in the room with the ghost for a bit and come back to it. Then check it for writing.

Next, the game will have you use the spirit box. This will let you talk to the ghost. It can be turned on by right-clicking and can only be used near the ghost with the lights off. You can ask it some basic questions like "who are you" or "how old are you."

The next slide will tell you about the temperature drop mechanic. if you're in the room with a ghost and you have a thermometer you can check to see if the temperature drops below freezing. This can also be done by seeing if you can see your character's breath.

Next, it will have you look for UV finger prints in the room with your UV flashlight. These will normally be on light switches and the center of doors. After this, it will have you get the EMF reader.

The EMF reader can be used to get a reading right next to the ghost. You'll need to right-click to turn it on. Most ghosts will only get a reading of about two but some will have a reading of five.

You can also use the photo camera to take up to five pictures of evidence, strange happenings or dead teammates. This won't help you win the round but it will get you extra money at the end.

Once you have all the evidence you can write it in your journal, which will figure out the type of ghost through a process of elimination. To end the mission, click the keypad in your truck to close the door and drive away.