Phillip Lindsay Madden 20: Denver Broncos Call Out Madden for Excluding Player's Likeness

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Phillip Lindsay is in Madden 20, but you wouldn't know it to look at him. Though the player's name and stats appear in the game, Lindsay's in-game character model hardly resembles his real-life appearance.

Phillip Lindsay Madden 20: Broncos Call Out Madden for Excluding Player's Likeness

The Denver Broncos posted a video to Twitter on Wednesday tagging the official Madden Twitter account and writing, "We need to talk."

Attached to the tweet was a video in which Madden NFL 20 ratings performance adjustor Dustin Smith talked to various members of the Broncos about their grievances with the game.

Chief among those grievances was Lindsay's observation that his character looks nothing like him. The character's face appears unrelated to Lindsay, and the model's hair is completely different. Where Lindsay's hair is long and curly in real life, his in-game model has close-cropped hair.

"I still want to know why my face isn't in Madden," Lindsay told Smith.

"We'll get it within the next two weeks," Smith responded. "It's coming! I've seen it."

"People are mad!" Lindsay said with a smile. "What about the hair?"

"We've got it even bigger than you've got it now," Smith said.

Electronic Arts has yet to confirm a release date for the updated character model.

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