Pidove Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Pidove Pokemon GO is part of the new Unova region Pokemon update. As the third week of the Ultra Bonus rolls in, we've been given our first wave of Pokemon that first appeared in Black/White.

Pidove Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Like Pidgey, Pidove is the fifth generation's common bird Pokemon. It's Normal and Flying type, and is pretty easy to find. You can find it spawning in the wild, but it will also hatch from two kilometer Eggs.

Pidove - Tranquill - Unfezant (M)
Pidove - Tranquill - Unfezant (M) /

Pidove evolves into Tranquill with 12 Candy, and then into Unfezant with 50 Candy. Unfezant has two variations based on its gender, but that doesn't change anything about its stats or moves.

Male - Female
Male - Female /

Strangely enough, Pidove and its family can learn the Fire type move Heat Wave, which might come in handy to surprise Ice type opponents.

Pidove is part of the latest update bringing a ton of new Pokemon into the game. There will be more Unova region Pokemon to come in the future.

Photo courtesy of GAMEFREAK and Niantic.