Pine Explains Decision to Leave Overwatch League, Leaves Door Open for Potential Return

Do-hyeon "Pine" Kim posted a YouTube video about his decision to "retire."
Do-hyeon "Pine" Kim posted a YouTube video about his decision to "retire." | Photo courtesy of Robert Paul

Do-hyeon "Pine" Kim posted a YouTube video about his decision to leave Overwatch League and the possibility he might return in the future.

While the news was shared to the community about Pine's retirement, many wondered if the move was permanent or a planned break for the star DPS player. To understand the decision, you have to take a look back at his career.

After his early success, Pine struggled with anxiety and depression that kept him largely out of the spotlight. Deployed mostly on Control maps to begin with, Pine's appearances become even sporadic throughout most of Overwatch League Season 1 and Season 2. He still managed to qualify for the Atlantic All-Star team both seasons.

The video does an excellent job of filling in the holes. Pine was one of the many DPS players who struggled with meta changes and the growth of GOATs. When his hitscan players had no value in the meta, Pine didn't adapt and failed to find value with his team. He proposed at one time to try a Sombra/Doomfist combo against GOATs, but his team refused to try it.

Pine makes mention at the start of the video on whether he would even call his decision a retirement as he wouldn't be opposed to playing in the OWL again. He believes he just needs to find confidence in his play style again. And that would be easier if the meta wasn't always focused on tanks and shields. While GOATs might finally be done, the double barrier meta of Orisa, Reinhardt, and Sigma has made the game unbearable again. Hitscan heroes and DPS mains struggle to find relevance and we could see more retirements from professional players if things don't change.