Pizza Party Fortnite Item Returns: What it Does

Courtesy of Epic Games

Pizza party items have returned to Fortnite! To celebrate Fortnite's fifth birthday and the fourth season of chapter three, this item was brought back for a limited time. Starting Sept. 23, pizza party items can be found at random in Chests, Supply Drops, Loot Llamas, and as floor loot. Though these items appear in different places at the start of each round, they are most common in high-traffic places such as Tilted Towers, and more specifically at the Tomatohead NPC.

Pizza party items were initially introduced in the game at the start of Fortnite's third chapter, in Season 1, and were taken out at the start of Season 2. However, Epic Games decided its birthday would be the perfect time to bring it back. Along with the arrival of pizza party items, there are multiple birthday quests players can participate in for exclusive rewards. For consuming five birthday cakes in different matches, players can earn a Fuzzfetti Cake Back Bling, and for throwing five birthday presents players can earn Sparklecake emoticon.

Pizza Party Fortnite Item: What it Does

A pizza party is a consumable item in Fortnite. Having an Epic rarity, these items are decently challenging to come by. The pizza party comes in a box, and when thrown on the ground, it reveals eight pizza slices. When dropped, players will have the option to either "eat a slice" or "take a slice." When taking it, it will be stored in your inventory. When eaten, each individual slice recovers 25 health and 25 shields. It remains consumable for up to a threshold of 100 health and 50 shields.