Place Coins Around Map Fortnite: How to Complete Challenge

Photo by Epic Games

Place coins around map is one of the latest quests in Fortnite. The new series of quests is themed after the new Ryan Reynolds movie "Free Guy," which is accompanied by a new purchasable skin called "The Dude." Here is how to complete the new challenge.

In order to begin the quest, you have to interact with one of the three ATMs spread out across the map. These are located in Holly Hatchery, Believer Beach, and Misty Meadows. Once you interact with one, a video of Ryan Reynolds will pop up and allow you to start the quest.

Place Coins Around Map Fortnite: How to Complete Challenge

In order to complete the place coins around the map challenge, all you have to do is place three coins. There are many locations located around the map to do so. In full, you can place coins down at:

  • Holly Hatchery
  • Believer Beach
  • Pleasant Park
  • Craggy Cliffs
  • Dirty Docks
  • Retail Row
  • Lazy Lake
  • Misty Meadows

One strategy to complete this quest quickly is to start at the ATM in Holly Hatchery. From there, head to the garden center in the middle of the area. You can find the location to place a coin on the sidewalk to the north side of this spot. From here, run over to Believer Beach where a location is available right at the entrance to the pier. You can then finish the quest in the same area right outside the hotel area near the parking lot.