Planet of Lana Release Delayed to Spring 2023

Planet of Lana's gorgeous visuals have made it a game to watch out for.
Planet of Lana's gorgeous visuals have made it a game to watch out for. / Courtesy of Wishfully Studios/Thunderful

Gorgeous indie puzzle adventure Planet of Lana is now targeting a release in spring 2023, with releases planned for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and a day one release on Xbox and PC Game Pass. It was initially set for release in 2022.

Publisher Thunderful and developer Wishfully Studios say this will give the game more development time to reach the its "ambitious potential," per a press release.

Planet of Lana will still have its public gameplay demo at gamescom 2022 next week, and a new trailer has shed some light on the ways Lana and her companion Mui can work together to solve puzzles.

Lana and Mui live on the verdant planet of Novo, where a hostile robot army has just invaded, kidnapping Lana's sister. The two travel the planet in search of Lana's sister and a way to stop the invaders, and as their relationship grows, so do their in-game capabilities. Lana can sneak around and direct Mui through tiny passages she can't fit through, for example, or have Mui chew through ropes.

"We're sorry that completing development on Planet of Lana will take longer than initially expected, but we promise it will be worth the wait," said Wishfully director Adam Stjärnljus. "Planet of Lana has been a passion project for us for a long time, so we want to ensure that when it's finally available that people are getting it in pristine condition."