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Planned Apex Legends Buffs for Season 11

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is candid with its community, and does a fair job communicating on the forums. When players complain about a Legend's ability, Respawn developers are quick to respond and share their internal thoughts.

So we have a pretty good understanding of what Respawn is planning on doing. It should be said, these are not permanent changes. Some of them could never see the light of day or be tweaked in some form or fashion. Respawn has been hesitant to drastically change things, so expect the changes to be smaller.

Planned Apex Legends Buffs for Season 11


Respawn Entertainment wants to make Gibraltar a more exciting choice of Legend for players, upping his pick rate without doing changing his power level too much. "When we think, 'We've got to do a Gibby nerf,' it's a little scary because we don't want to tank that pick rate anymore for the majority of the player base," he said. "So the question is, how do we make him a sexier pick without incorporating too much power?" The focal point is his shield. Respawn is looking to make some changes to his shield without touching the power level too much.


Wattson has been at the forefront of player's minds for months now, and the question about a possible buff has been brought up many times. Then in June, Respawn was more concrete.

"Yeah, we're working on stuff. No ETA because it's still very exploratory, but goals would be to make it more in the moment fun and powerful to play Wattson while removing some of the invisible power (because as I keep saying, Wattson does sport VERY high win rates)."


A Crypto buff is coming to Apex Legends, according to Respawn Entertainment Design Director Jason McCord. Someone tweeted at McCord asking if Apex Legends was going to buff Crypto anytime soon. The answer was split, "We are talking about stuff. Still a ways out probably, but agree that he needs something!"

As mentioned before, these are concrete changes, but Respawn has eyes on all three Legends.