PlatinumGames Updates Fans on Bayonetta 3, Project G.G.

Bayonetta 3 is still on track for release this year.
Bayonetta 3 is still on track for release this year. / Photo courtesy of PlatinumGames/Nintendo

PlatinumGames has shared updates on two of its upcoming games, Bayonetta 3 and the mysterious Project G.G.

Bayonetta 3, one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year, is still on track for release in 2022, according to Platinum vice president Hideki Kamiya. He and president Atsushi Inaba spoke to IGN Japan (H/T IGN), where Kamiya said the gameplay trailer released last September "should reassure you that we have been hard at work on development, and it should also show you that there are a lot of new elements in this game that were not in Bayonetta 1 and 2. I hope the footage released so far will fuel your expectations for this game."

"Bayonetta 3 looks a little different, and it includes some new types of gameplay, so I hope players will find it fresh," he continued.

Kamiya also allayed fears some fans had that Nintendo's involvement as the game's publisher had forced Platinum to pull back on some of the more adult elements in Bayonetta.

"When we released the previous trailer, some fans thought that maybe working with Nintendo had meant that we were under some kind of restrictions in terms of creative expression, but that is absolutely not the case. This will be a very Bayonetta-esque Bayonetta game," he said.

Inaba also said the Nintendo tie-in elements from Bayonetta 2 likely would not return in Bayonetta 3, as the studio didn't want to "repeat ourselves every time."

Kamiya also addressed Project G.G., the game he and Platinum announced in 2020 but about which they've shared very little. It's been described as a spiritual successor to Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101, but Kamiya says it's not yet ready for a visual reveal.

"It's at a state where we have tried out all the things we need to try to get a feel for it, but visually it's not at a stage that we can show anyone yet," he said. "But we're confident that we have found the right direction and we can start full production as a team."

Inaba said more information would likely come near the end of the year.

Exact release timing for both titles remains unknown.