Playdead Reveals Concept Art for Upcoming Title

This title looks promising.
This title looks promising. / Playdead

Playdead’s Limbo and Inside are some of the most unique indie games. They’re mostly praised for their impactful environmental storytelling, unsettling atmospheres, and visuals. Both also appeared in our list of the best games like Little Nightmares.

The developer has another title in store and recently shared concept art. Here's what we've seen from the unnamed title so far.

Playdead Reveals Concept Art for Upcoming Title

This isn’t the first time Playdead released images for the mysterious title. The developer shared a Twitter/X post of some pictures in 2017, a few months after Inside was released. The post appeared to have an astronaut dragging what looked like debris from a crash as a comet fell in the background. 

In 2018, Playdead posted a photo of a character from a large tunnel standing next to a tent.  

Playdead posted another picture on social media with a link to job openings in 2020. It showed a zoomed-out perspective of a person standing close to a rover-like vehicle and looking out into the distance.

New concept art surfaced recently this year in this post, where the same character standing next to a gigantic vehicle:

According to PC Gamer, Famiboards users, and ResetEra users, the company also posted some pictures in job postings. We’re unsure when the jobs were posted, but some were published before May 2019. People can view the rest of the art under each listing

astronaut in snow.jpeg
Concept art for new game picture 1 / Playdead
astronaut next to big machine
Concept art for new game picture 2 / Playdead
Concept art for new game picture 3 / Playdead

Though we don’t know exactly what the upcoming title is about, it’s obvious that Playdead is leaning into a sci-fi theme. The machinery, astronaut helmet, and empty landscape all scream “space adventure!” The developer confirmed this idea in one of their job postings, calling the title “a 3rd-person science fiction adventure rendered in a realistic but markedly stylized manner.”  

Whatever this new game holds, its style looks similar to that of Limbo and Inside. The atmosphere in the pictures implies it will be just as heavy as its predecessors. Unlike Limbo and Inside, the upcoming title looks like it will be a bigger game. According to the job postings, it will be open-world and use Unreal Engine 5 as well. 

Given its seemingly larger scale, Playdead’s newest game will likely take a few more years to complete.