Players Get Free Golden Guns in Overwatch 2 Thanks to Glitch

Blizzard, via Reddit u/Taha_OwO

A strange glitch in Overwatch 2 has enabled players to earn a golden gun for any hero at a much easier rate.

Golden guns are typically hard to obtain. Any player in possession of one has put in plenty of hours and grind into Overwatch and Overwatch 2, earning themselves the top spot on the ranked ladder and able to get their hands on various gold weapon skins.

But a new glitch has surfaced that has taken some of the hardship out of earning gold weapons, but only if the right conditions are met.

The glitch was highlighted by one Redditor, who took to the site to share a video of themselves fighting with a Hanzo. After winning the fight, they received a golden gun unintentionally.

"Why did my gun turn gold?" the caption read. "Has happened to me before as well on a different character."

Other commenters were able to clear things up and confirm the bug, saying that under specific conditions the bug can be replicated.

The Hanzo in the clip had a gold bow, which is a key element of the glitch. Hanzo’s projectiles are also golden and, with the bow, will transfer the golden skin onto certain heroes in Overwatch 2. However, the effect only works on specific heroes. In addition, the gold weapons won't stick once the match ends, either.

So, in the long run, its still far better to earn your own golden guns and weapons. But at least, by using the glitch, you'll be able to try them out for a brief period.