Playing League of Legends in College

League of Legends and esports in general have been on the rise for many years now. So what is the next big step for the industry? Traditional sports such as Football and Basketball have had great success with professional leagues as well as minor leagues. While esports have these sort of leagues fleshed out there is something that the industry lacks. College esports are currently not reaching the potential that they could.

For esports to truly succeed and become a viable option for future generations, there needs to be stepping stones on the way to becoming a professional player. College is meant to be a stepping stone for students to gradually become ready to enter the industry they want to work in. Unfortunately for students looking to become professional players in games such as League of Legends, not all colleges give that opportunity.

Riot Games is looking to help change this and establish their own league for college players. College LoL is a great way for any college player, looking to become professional or not, to find the club at their school or look into getting one started. For the competitive players, College LoL is a great way to hone your skill and make a name for yourself as a top-tier player by representing your school at the College League of Legends Championship. Playing for your school in tournaments like this is exactly what a aspiring professional League of Legends player should be looking for. You gain experience playing on a team and on a competitive level as well as meeting other players around the country who are looking for the same things you are. On top of all this, if you make it far enough, you get opportunities to play with the eyes of not only Riot Games on you, but LCS players, coaches, and managers that might be looking at college players for the future.

Not everyone dreams of being one of those high-tier, competitive players. Some people enjoy playing more casually and supporting their school's team. Riot Game's College League of Legends is still very much for those people as well. Behind every great college sports team are the fans. This does not change for esports. Every school needs support in their esports program and joining your campus's club is an easy way to give your support. Check out Riot Game's find a club tool to join you school's club.

Cover image courtesy of Riot Games