PlayStation 5 Software Beta Adds Voice Commands

Beta testing on a suite of new features has arrived for the PS4 and PS5.
Beta testing on a suite of new features has arrived for the PS4 and PS5. / Photo courtesy of Sony

PlayStation 5 users will soon be able to use voice commands, as a system software update that went live Wednesday has added the feature for select users to beta test.

Voice commands roll out first to beta testers in the US and UK. They'll allow users to open games and apps using voice commands. To activate the console's listening, users have to say "Hey! PlayStation!" and then say which app or game they're looking to open. English will be the first language available for use with the feature.

This round of testing also sent the Open Parties feature to PlayStation 4 users and added the option to adjust the chat volume of individual party members, the latter of which is already available on PS5. These changes will roll out later this year, though Sony did not share specific dates.

The PS5 updates also include changes to party chat, Game Base and accessibility settings.

When starting a new party, players will be able to choose if it is open or closed. They'll also have new options for reporting voice chat abuses, and will be able to start Share Play from the voice chat card.

Game Base will now filter its options into three tabs — friends, messages and parties — to make navigation easier. Players can also now decline friend requests.

Players can now filter games in their library by genre, and the total number of apps and games that will appear on the home screen has increased to 14. Trophies have received a visual overhaul, including suggestions for which trophies players should go for next.

The PS5's screen reader now has access to Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Korean for 15 total languages. Players can now select mono audio for headphones, making life easier for those with unilateral hearing loss. Finally, players can now opt to have all enabled settings designated with a clear check mark.