PlayStation Holiday Restock: Best Place to Find One in December 2022


Looking to pick up a PlayStation 5 this holiday season? Here are the best places to find one this December 2022.

PlayStation 5 consoles can be found more frequently out in the wild compared to the months following its release. That said, with Christmas fast-approaching, demand is sure to get a little higher, meaning we could once again see stocks dwindling — and fast.

Any good supplier would anticipate this, even putting up special sales and offers to cover the holiday period.

So, where are the best places to pick up a PlayStation 5 in December 2022?

Best Places to Find a PlayStation 5 in December 2022

For starters, purchasing a PlayStation direct from Sony themselves is a viable option this year, with consumers able to grab a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition console:

The following retailers also have PlayStation 5 Consoles, at the time of writing:


Best Buy


Note that some of these retailers require customers to sign-in/register with the outlet before you're allowed to place an order for a PlayStation 5.