PlayStation Plus April 2024 Games: Full List of Free Games

Skul: The Hero Slayer will arrive to PS Plus.
Skul: The Hero Slayer will arrive to PS Plus. / SouthPAW Games and Neowiz

PlayStation Plus members can access loads of PS games, from classics to recent releases, for a monthly cost. Depending on the plan, you can also get benefits, such as exclusive content, discounts, and cloud storage. 

Active PS Plus subscribers can download monthly games at no extra charge. However, these titles don't stick around, as Sony rotates them each month. You might have missed your chance to download EA Sports F1 23, Sifu, Hello Neighbor 2, and Destiny 2: Witch Queen, but more titles are around the corner.

PlayStation Plus April Games

On Tuesday, April 2, 2024, PlayStation Plus subscribers can download Immortals of Aveum, Minecraft Legends, and Skul: The Hero Slayer. Continue reading to learn more about each title.

Immortals of Aveum (PS5)

Immortals of Aveum
Immortals of Aveum / Ascendant Studios
  • Developer: Ascendant Studios
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre: First-person shooter

Immortals of Aveum follows Jak as he joins battlemages and discovers Aveum's secrets during the gruesome Everwar. Harness the power of all three colors of magic: red, blue, and green, with more than 25 offensive and defensive spells. Uncover, upgrade, and craft gear to suit your playstyle in this magical FPS.

Minecraft Legends (PS5, PS4)

Minecraft Legends
Minecraft Legends / Mojang Studios, Blackbird Interactive
  • Developers: Mojang Studios, Blackbird Interactive
  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • Genre: Action, Real-time strategy

The Overworld is united for once in Minecraft Legends. It's your mission to bring everyone together to defend the planet against piglins, a pig-like humanoid species from the Nether dimension. Collect resources from various biomes to strengthen your troops and defeat the piglins. If you need help, play with friends in the online mode!

Skul: The Hero Slayer (PS4)

Skul: The Hero Slayer
Skul: The Hero Slayer / SOUTHPAW GAMES
  • Developer: SOUTHPAW GAMES
  • Publisher: NEOWIZ
  • Genre: Indie, Roguelike, 2D platformer

After Skul's home is attacked, the Demon vows to seek vengeance and save everyone kidnapped. This action-packed adventure shows Skul's quest to destroy the Imperial Army. Explore tricky maps, discover new skills, and master combos as a tiny yet powerful being.