PlayStation Plus September 2023 Leaks

Saints Row will be coming to PlayStation Plus.
Saints Row will be coming to PlayStation Plus. / Volition

PlayStation Plus is a monthly subscription by Sony, in which members can enjoy online multiplayer mode for different titles. Players will get special perks depending on the type of subscription. These benefits include exclusive content, discounts, cloud storage, monthly games, and more. The subscription is ideal for those who want tons of classic and new PlayStation games at a lower price.

Sony usually announces new games coming to PlayStation Plus on the official PlayStation Blog each month. It seems Dealabs has the latest scoop on a title coming out in September.

PlayStation Plus September 2023 Leaks

Dealabs is a French website known for sharing great deals. Billbil-kun, a user on Dealabs, is also recognized for leaking information about titles coming to PlayStation Plus. His leaks have been accurate for about two years so far; as a result, several news sites credit them as trustworthy. 

This time, billbil-kun revealed exciting news for Saints Row fans. According to one of his latest articles, gamers can expect Saints Row (2022) to headline the announcement for September 2023 titles coming to PlayStation Plus. 

The action-adventure title by Volition was released in 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia. Though Saints Row (2022) is a reboot of the beloved Grand-Theft-Auto-like franchise, it wasn’t well received by critics and users on Metacritic. Most complaints were about the boring plot and buggy gameplay. Maybe this is Volition’s time to redeem themselves.

There are also two other titles in store, but they’re unknown. We’ll have to wait until August 30th for the official announcement of September titles. Saints Row (2022) and the other games will be available for PlayStation Plus members starting September 5th and ending October 3rd. You can always find the latest monthly games, trials, and add-ons via the official PlayStation Plus website.