PlayStation VR2 Launch Date


The next iteration of Sony's VR ventures, the PS VR2, is set to launch this year, bringing with it a number of games throughout its launch window.

Announced during the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, the PS VR2 is the upcoming VR headset made for the PlayStation 5. The headset will improve on a number of features seen in the PS VR, including the use of haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and OLED display.

The first generation PS VR tracked player movements through an external PlayStation Camera. The PS VR2 will track movements by four cameras mounted on the headset.

Regarding the headset's design, in a PlayStation Blog SIE Vice President of Brand, Hardware and Peripherals said, "We’ve created the PS VR2 headset with comfort in mind, in a slightly slimmer and lighter design compared to our previous headset. We’ve also included an integrated vent for extra air flow, and a lens adjustment dial for a more customized feel. We hope players will enjoy this new design."

So, when does the headset release?

PS VR2 Release Date

The PS VR2 will launch on Feb. 22, 2023 with the RRP of $549.99. The base package will include the PS VR2 headset, PS VR2 Sense controllers and stereo headphones.

Additional bundles, such as the PlayStation VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle, will be available which will include a voucher code for Horizon Call of the Mountain.

According to Sony, more than 30 games are on track to release during the first few months of the PS VR2's release, including: Horizon Call of the Mountain, No Man's Sky, Moss Book II and more.