Pocket Rein Army Overwatch Workshop

The legendary Overwatch workshop content creator, DarwinStreams, is at it again with a new workshop game mode. This time, instead of the usual practice modes and range indicators that he often makes, DarwinStreams has created something completely unique from a newly added feature to the Overwatch workshop.

Currently, on the Public Test Region, Blizzard has issued a new update. This update added a new feature to the workshop called a dummy bot. A dummy bot is essentially an entity that has no human or AI directly controlling it. Instead, the dummy bot can be controlled by using workshop actions and commands that are defined by the creator. This allows the bot to do things like aiming, shooting, movement, using abilities, etc.

What DarwinStreams has created is merely a showcase of how a dummy bot can be used. On Reddit, he posted a short trailer in which he has 11 Reinhardt dummy bots that he can spawn and control at will. Wherever his character aims, the dummy bots will aim at the same point, and they can be controlled to do other actions such as attack or use abilities.

The uses for this new feature are versatile, as these dummy bots could be used for creating practice scenarios that you could encounter in a real game, or you could use these dummy bots to create a PvE type game mode. If you would like to try out this new game mode from DarwinStreams, simply use the code: E6KVC on the PTR servers to try it out. You can also check out DarwinStreams on his Twitch channel, where he shows his creative process when creating these game modes. You can find his Twitch channel here.

Photo courtesy of DarwinStreams