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Poetry Exchange Walkthrough Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Achievement

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Poetry Exchange is a daily commission in Genshin Impact that unlocks an achievement when the correct dialogues are chosen.

Hilichurls are the most iconic mobs in Genshin Impact. This is not only because they are commonly seen and easy to defeat, but because they have shown humanistic characteristics. They love to dance, sleep, and stare at weird-looking items.

Although we hunt down most Hilichurls we run into, Ella Musk has been attempting to restore the relationship between Hilichurls and humans.

"Poetry Exchange" is also one of her efforts. In this daily commission, you are asked to communicate with Hilichurls.

This article will walk you step by step on how to complete Poetry Exchange, as well as the three dialogues you must choose in order to receive the achievement.

Poetry Exchange Explained Genshin Impact

You can only receive this daily commission by luck. One prerequisite is completing the Language Exchange.

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Once you have Poetry Exchange as one of your daily commissions, you can easily track her down in at Starfell Valley, Mondstadt. Talk to her and she will give you the Draft Lines of Hilichurlian Poetry.

Ella Musk will lead you to a group of Hilichurls. Approach and recite the poetry. They will talk to you in Hilichurlian and you will have to answer them three times.

You must select these answers carefully, or else they will become angry and attack you. Select three out of the four options to successfully complete the commission.

  • Celi dada
  • Mimi nunu
  • Muhe ye
  • Ye dada

Upon success, you will be granted the "Yo dala?" acheivement as well.