Pokémon 25th Anniversary Celebration to Feature Katy Perry

Nintendo will Pokémon's 25th anniversary throughout 2021.
Nintendo will Pokémon's 25th anniversary throughout 2021. | Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Pokémon's 25th anniversary is coming up, and Nintendo announced plans Wednesday to celebrate the occasion throughout the year.

Nintendo will release a special 25th anniversary-themed collection of Pokémon trading cards later this year featuring some of the most recognizable Pokémon in the franchise. It has also collaborated with skateboard designer Bear Walker on a limited edition skateboard, the first of many 25th anniversary-themed products set to be released this year.

Nintendo plans to revisit the many regions that players have explored in Pokémon games to date. The specifics of that plan have yet to be revealed.

When is Pokémon 25th Anniversary?

The 25th anniversary celebration has already kicked off, per Nintendo, with events and product launches to take place throughout the year. The anniversary coincides with the release of Pokémon Red and Blue, the official starting point for the franchise.

Red and Blue were originally released in Japan as Pocket Monsters: Red and Green on Feb. 27, 1996. Pocket Monsters: Blue followed in October of that year, but the games didn't make it out of Japan until 1998.

Katy Perry Joins Pokémon Anniversary Celebration

Nintendo teased a new, Pokémon-themed song from Katy Perry in its trailer announcing the anniversary celebration. She will be one of several musical acts to play a part in the celebration. The other acts have yet to be revealed.