Nintendo Announces Free Puzzle Game Pokémon Café Mix

Pokémon Café Mix is coming to Switch and smartphones June 24.
Pokémon Café Mix is coming to Switch and smartphones June 24. / Courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo announced Pokémon Café Mix, a new, free-to-play puzzle game Wednesday during a Pokémon Direct broadcast. The game is set to hit the Switch and smartphones June 24.

In Pokémon Café Mix, players take on the role of a café owner serving Pokémon. Players mix drinks and cook food for their customers by matching different icons and by swirling them around in ever-changing arrangements. Particularly pleased customers will join the player's staff at the café, putting on ties and hats as their uniforms.

Pokemon Cafe Mix Announced

Different Pokémon have different specialties and skills. Squirtle, for example, specializes in small plates, and can help clear unwanted Pokémon icons during puzzle-solving.

Over time, players can expand their café space, unlock new tools, and add items to the menu.

Players can earn or purchase Golden Acorns, the game's in-game currency, and redeem them to regain hearts, retry puzzles, or unlock items.

The game uses a hand-drawn, pastel art style, underscoring its already cutesy concept with visual flair. Nintendo has yet