Pokémon Center X Fossil: How Much Do They Cost?

Photo by The Pokemon Company

Pokémon fans might be wondering how they can get themselves some of the new Pokémon Center X Fossil that just dropped. The merchandise is available on the official Pokémon Center website, but this nice looking apparel won't come cheap.

Since the early days of Pokémon, merchandise has been readily available, specifically as it comes to Pokémon cards. However, The Pokémon Company has always been expanding into more traditional merchandise, specifically clothing. This collaboration with Fossil is special, though, because it features more luxury items as opposed to the usual t-shirts and hats, though they've previously had a luxury line with Billionaire Boys Club. While they aren't going to run you as much as a new Rolex, the watches and wallets are clearly good quality.

Pokémon Center X Fossil: How Much Do They Cost?

If you're looking to buy yourself something from the Pokémon Center X Fossil collaboration, you can check all of the prices on the Pokémon Center website. If you're looking for a standard leather wallet with a Pokémon design, that will cost you at least $49.99. However, the higher end wallets go up to $169.99. There are also designer bags up for sale that go for as much as $349.99.

If watches are more your fancy, those start at $149.99. If you're looking for the Stainless Steel Gengar watch, or any of the other most expensive watches on offer, those go for a whopping $299.99.