Pokemon Cut From Sword and Shield List: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon cut from Sword and Shield might hurt our hearts because some of our favorites are not going to make it to the Galar Region. Still, there are many new Pokemon as a cause for excitement. At the start of the week a large quantity of leaks surfaced on the internet ahead of the game's release, and while it's tough to decipher what is true, it's worth investigating who might get cut from the game.

Pokemon Cut from Sword and Shield List

One apparent leak showed an extended list of all the apparent cuts made by Pokemon for this year's game. When exploring the list, you'll see some of the most popular names in the franchise not make it to the Galar Region. Below is a list of Pokemon that are speculated to be in Sword and Shield. The green backgrounds are the creature that made this year's cut.

According to game producer Junichi Masuda, the upcoming generation of games will only accept transfers via Pokemon Home for the Pokemon who exist in the Galar Region of Sword and Shield. That means any Pokemon cut for the upcoming games will not make it to Nintendo Switch unless another installment comes in the future that includes them.