Pokémon GO 2021 Calendar: Upcoming Events

What can we expect from the 2021 Calendar in Pokémon GO?
What can we expect from the 2021 Calendar in Pokémon GO? / Photo by Niantic Labs

Pokémon GO 2021 Calendar has many events to participate in during the new year. Here's the Pokémon GO calendar of upcoming events for 2021.

Typically, Niantic details events for only the coming month save for large events. Pokémon GO is in the midst of counting down to the Kanto Tour event, with a different regional celebration each week. There are also a few smaller events featuring various Pokémon throughout the month.

Pokémon GO 2021 Calendar: Upcoming Events

  • January 19: Mega Ampharos arrives in Raids
  • January 19-24: Hoenn Celebration
  • January 24: Incense Day
  • January 25: PokéCoin Bundle leaves
  • January 25-February 8: Ultra League starts
  • January 26: Phanpy Spotlight Hour
  • January 26-31: Johto Celebration
  • February 7: Community Day Roselia
  • February 8-15: Master League starts
  • February 15-22: Ultra League Starts
  • February 20: Pokémon GO Tour Kanto
  • February 22: Kanto League starts

Niantic has yet to reveal many events for February, but we can expect some more smaller feature events like Spotlight Hours as we get closer to the big Pokémon GO Tour Kanto event. Spotlight Hours for February have yet to be announced.

We also have the GO Battle League running this month, and the debut of Frillish as a reward for reaching Rank 20.