Pokemon GO Anniversary Event 2022 Details

Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company.

Do you remember where you were on July 6, 2016? Many often affectionately refer to the summer when Pokemon GO was released as the "closest to world peace" we've ever come. It was a time when both longtime Pokemon fans, and people just picking up the app, were out exploring the world just for the joy of catching Pokemon.

Now, Pokemon GO is celebrating six years with a special Anniversary Event. If you want the rundown of the Anniversary Event details, keep reading.

Pokemon GO Anniversary Event 2022 Details

In honor of its 6-year birthday, the Pokemon GO 2022 Anniversary Event is focused around the #006 Pokemon in the Pokedex: the fan-favorite Charizard. During the Pokemon GO Anniversary Event, which will take place July 6-12, players will be able to encounter Party Hat Charmeleon, Party Hat Charizard, and Cake Costume Pikachu in the wild. All three of these Pokemon have a chance to be shiny as well.

An update was also given on the Pokemon GO website that due to the effort from fans during Pokemon GO Fest: Berlin, players will now encounter more Pokemon in the wild during the Anniversary event. Pansear will be appearing more in the wild throughout the event, and will also be appearing in raids, alongside Unknown E. Both Pokemon have a chance to be shiny.

Another bonus from the efforts of fans in Pokemon GO Fest: Berlin is that an exclusive Timed Research will be available during the event. Completing the Timed Research will let players encounter Wash Rotom.

Wild Encounters

A variety of Pokemon will be appearing more in the wild during the event. Some of the Pokemon you're more likely to encounter during the 6-year Anniversary Event are:

  • Party Hat Charmander
  • Cake Costume Pikachu
  • Bulbasaur
  • Squirtle
  • Machop
  • Pansear
  • Ralts
  • Buneary
  • Venipede
  • Chespin
  • Fennekin
  • Froakie
  • Bunnelby
  • Litleo
  • Pikipek
  • Clauncher
  • Gabite
  • Helioptile

Raid Encounters

The Pokemon appearing in One-Star Raids are:

  • Cake Costume Pikachu
  • Dratini
  • Unknown E
  • Pansear

The Pokemon appearing in Three-Star Raids are:

  • Venusaur
  • Party-Hat Charizard
  • Blastoise
  • Tyranitar
  • Metagross

The Pokemon appearing in Five-Star Raids is:

  • Zapdos

The Pokemon appearing in Mega Raids are:

  • Mega Charizard X
  • Mega Charizard Y

Field Research Task Encounters

Players have the chance to encounter many kinds of Pokemon by completing Field Research tasks during the event. These Pokemon include:

  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander
  • Squirtle
  • Chikorita
  • Cyndaquil
  • Totodile
  • Treeko
  • Torchic
  • Mudkip
  • Turtwig
  • Chimchar
  • Piplup
  • Snivy
  • Tepig
  • Oshawott
  • Chespin
  • Fennekin
  • Froakie
  • Rowlet
  • Litten
  • Popplio

Avatar Items and Stickers

New Avatar Items have been added for purchase, and will continue to be available even after the conclusion of the Anniversary Event. Players can also receive event-themed stickers by spinning PokeStops, opening Gifts, and purchasing them from the shop.