Pokemon GO Apple Watch Support Discontinued

Pokemon GO Apple Watch support was discontinued last year
Pokemon GO Apple Watch support was discontinued last year / Niantic Labs, the Pokemon Company

Niantic Labs has discontinued support for its mobile augmented reality game, Pokemon GO, on Apple Watch devices starting July 1, 2019.

If you're looking to play Pokemon GO using your Apple Watch then, unfortunately, you're out of luck. Niantic pulled the app from Apple Watch last year sighting efficiency after one patch made the only unique part of the Watch obsolete. Trainers can no longer use their Apple Watch devices to play Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Apple Watch Support Discontinued

According to Niantic, this came as a consequence of the widely implemented Adventure Sync function. First implemented in November 2018, Adventure Sync gave trainers the ability to hit the distance goals without needing to keep the app open constantly. It was done not only as a quality of life change, but also in an effort to further help preserve battery life.

The only difference between Apple Watches and normal iPhones was the pseudo-Adventure Sync ability that came with them. Apple Watches come with a built in pedometer that tracks distance and steps to be used in the game. With the introduction of Adventure Sync, Niantic decided that there was no reason to have players "split their gameplay between 2 devices."

There is no word on whether this will ever make a return or be supported on other watch-like devices. For now, trainers will have to be content staring down at their phones to catch dragon-types instead of checking the "time."