Pokemon GO Azelf Counters

Pokemon GO Azelf counters are pretty well known, but Pokemon GO's specific battle system lends itself for a more complicated version.

Azelf is one of the latest legendary Pokemon that joined on May 2.

Pokemon GO Azelf Counters

Azelf is a Psychic Pokemon, which means it's weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost type Pokemon. It's strong against Fighting and other Psychic Pokemon.

That said, Pokemon GO has very strong specific type of Pokemon and you shouldn't waste your time using Bug Pokemon. Instead, use your most powerful Dark and Ghost types.

Pokemon GO Azelf Counters: Tier 1


Quick Move: Shadow Claw

Charged Move: Shadow Ball


Quick Move: Psycho Cut

Charged Moved: Shadow Ball


Quick Move: Lick, Hex, or Shadow Claw

Charged Moved: Shadow Ball

Pokemon GO Azelf Counters: Tier 2


Quick Move: Bite

Charged Move: Crunch


Quick Move: Snarl

Charged Move: Dark Pulse


Quick Move: Snarl

Charged Move: Dark Pulse

In general, use your strongest Dark, Ghost and if you have neither of the former, use Bug type moves.

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs