Pokemon GO Battle Halloween Cup Explained

Photo by Niantic

Pokemon GO Battle Halloween Cup is the game's limited-time Halloween competitive event. It follows the Ninth season of Pokemon GO's Battle League. The Halloween Cup will begin Oct. 15 with a rule-set that will comply with the spooky theme of the season.

In following the spirit of the Halloween-themed event, the competition will have a specific rule-set. Players can only use Pokemon under 1500 CP. Additionally, players can also only use Poison-, Bug-, Ghost-, Dark-, and Fairy-type Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Battle Halloween Cup Explained

The Pokemon GO Battle Halloween Cup will run from Oct. 15 to Nov. 2 as part of season nine. The GO Battle League Season Nine began Aug. 30. According to Niantic, this season's ranks will matter more than others in the end. Details about what this means have not been released yet, but we can expect that player's end-of-season ranks will be much more important in determining rewards than usual.

The Halloween Cup will be a great way for players to test their skills with each other while celebrating the spooky season. In preparation, we recommend training and finding strong Pokemon that fall under the Halloween Cup rule-set. Don't forget about the restrictions for the competition!