Pokemon GO Battle League Not Available: What is the Bug and How to Fix

Ready to battle? Maybe not with all the errors...
Ready to battle? Maybe not with all the errors... / Niantic Labs

Pokemon GO Battle League not available is one of the most frustrating bugs to encounter in the game.

Niantic Labs recently implemented a new PvP feature called GO Battle League into their augmented reality Pokemon game. For the first time since launch, players can have the chance to go head to head to earn high standing, bragging points, and even legendary Pokemon with their skill as a trainer.

For some trainers, however, this dream is still far away. The obstacle standing between them and glory just so happens to be the game, itself.

Pokemon GO Battle League Not Available

Trainers have reported encountering a "battles are currently unavailable" error message when attempting to fight in the league. It would appear that the mode is riddled with bugs, disconnections, and intense issues. This comes as no surprise to long time fans who've managed to stick it out with Niantic thus far.

These error messages became so frequent that the Pokemon GO team ended up pausing the "roll out" implementation a mere 24 hours later in order to fix bugs.

It looks like implementation is back on track now, but some trainers are still receiving the message. This could be for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, the likely culprit is a simple bit of server maintenance. Niantic took the GO Battle League servers down yesterday for this very reason.

Niantic is still trying to squash all the bugs of its new feature. Additionally, with the announcement of Thundurus being the prize all GO Battle trainers will encounter at the end, this has whipped some into a frenzy. What better way to get your hands on a legendary?

It should be noted that the Pokemon GO Battle League can only be accessed by trainers level 30 and above. Those not in that bracket will have a difficult time breaking into battles.

There is currently no official fix for this problem.