Pokemon GO Beautifly vs. Dustox: Which is Better?

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

The Wurmple line is a strange evolution pathway, as the path directly splits into two branches that ultimately lead to two final forms: Beautifly and Dustox. Trainers often see this line and ask themselves, “Which one is better?” In this comparison, these two bugs will be judged on their states, overall viability, and other factors. Which final form is the best in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO Beautifly vs. Dustox: Which is Better?

Difficulty to Obtain

Here’s the thing with Beautifly and Dustox: evolving them from a Wurmple is up to chance. When a Wurmple evolves into a Silcoon or a Cascoon, which evolve into Beautifly and Dustox respectively, it’s determined simply by RNG. Players cannot choose whether they want a Dustox or Beautifly when they evolve a Wurmple, which is different from how the mainline series works.

These two bugs also cannot be caught in the wild, so it’s really up to fate. Since the two are equally uncertain to occur, they are the same in terms of how difficult they are to obtain.


Basing a Pokemon’s viability through their typing isn’t a simple task, as Trainers have a number of things to consider when making their choice.

Beautifly’s Bug/Flying typing makes it weak to Rock, Flying, Ice, Electric, and Fire-types, while making it resistant to Bug, Fighting, Grass, and Ground-types. Overall, this butterfly Pokemon seems to have more weaknesses and resistances.

On the other hand, Dustox’s Bug/Poison typing makes it resistant to Poison, Bug, Fairy, Fighting, and Grass-types at the cost of being weak to Rock, Flying, Fire, and Psychic-types. The count for this moth Pokemon is four weaknesses, five resistances,

Overall, Dustox seems to have more of it’s bases covered, given that it can resist more than it can succumb to. 


Beautifly and Dustox’s base stats are as follows:

  • Attack - Beautifly has 189 while Dustox has 98.
  • Defense - Beautifly has 98 while Dustox has 162.
  • Stamina - Both Beautifly and Dustox share 155.

Beautifly specializes in Attack at the cost of being paper-thin, while Dustox is a lot sturdier but hits softer. Both share an equal stamina stat, so there’s no difference there. It really depends on what the Trainer wants out of a Bug-type: either a bug that bites hard or a bug that’s tough to squash.

Best Movesets

Things get a bit complicated here in terms of what both bugs are capable of, and it really requires a Trainer to think about what they want their Pokemon to go against. 

Beautifly is a bit easier to understand, given that both its offensive and defensive move sets have Bug Buzz as its best Charge move. When attacking, Beautifly’s best Quick move is Infestation. When defending, its best Quick move is Struggle Bug.

Dustox isn’t as cut-and-dry as its butterfly counterpart, as both of its movesets are a combination of two different types. For both offensive and defensive move sets, Confusion is its best Quick move, which is a Psychic-type move. When attacking, the Poison-type move Sludge Bomb is its best Charge move. When defending, Bug Buzz is the best Charge move. 


The trainer must decide what the Pokemon will be used for. Beautifly seems great for attacking while Dustox seems perfect for defending. Both are good Bug-types, but it’s really up to what the trainer needs.

Dustox and Beautifly are available to obtain in Pokemon GO.