Pokémon GO Bug Out! Event: How to Earn Bug Catcher Pose

Image courtesy of Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Pokémon GO's Bug Out! event is making a return, giving players the chance to earn a brand new reward — the Bug Catcher Pose.

The Bug Out! event in Pokémon GO is the chance to celebrate all of the creepy-crawly bug  Pokémon. The popular mobile game already has a great batch of bug-type Pokémon to catch, but this event is adding in a few more to the mix.

As to be expected from a Pokémon GO, Bug Out! offers players the chance to complete a number of challenges to earn some exclusive rewards. Up for grabs this time around is the Bug Catcher Pose — here's what you need to know.

How to Unlock the Bug Catcher Pose in the Pokémon GO Bug Out! Event

To earn the Bug Catcher Pose during the Pokémon GO Bug Out! event players will need to complete the Collection Challenges. The challenges involve the game's bug-type Pokémon, which will be out and about more frequently during this event.

Completing the challenge earns players the Bug Catcher Pose and 15,000 XP.

The list of challenges has yet to be revealed by Niantic, but all will become available once the event launches on Aug. 10. For more info on the Bug Out! event as a whole, be sure to check out our guide.