Pokemon GO: Can Players Catch a Shiny Xerneas?

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Pokemon GO's Luminous Legends X event debuted Xerneas as the star of the show on May 4. The event will last until May 17 at 8 p.m. local time.

Players can catch this Fairy-type Legendary Pokemon as a Tier 5 raid boss. Xerneas will be the first Fairy-type Legendary Pokemon to debut in Pokemon GO. The best times to catch Xerneas are on May 5 and 12 while playing during raid times. Read more about the best counters Pokemon and attacks to use against Xerneas.

Pokemon GO: Can Players Catch a Shiny Xerneas?

Although the Luminous Legends X event is full of new Pokemon and bonuses, players will not be able to catch a Shiny Xerneas at this time. However, fans suspect that Niantic will debut a Shiny Xerneas in a future event. Legendary Pokemon such as Raquaza and Mewtwo had their Shiny versions after their debut in Pokemon GO.

Xerneas's Shiny form features a teal-colored upper body and white fur on the lower half of its body.

While players will be unable to catch a Shiny Xerneas during the Luminous Legends X event, fans can still anticipate the debut of Spritzee, Swirlix, and Dratini. Fans will also gain access to a Rainy Lure Module, which is an object that attracts Water-, Bug-, and Electric-type Pokemon. Read more about the special Pokemon and rewards during this event.

As for the Luminous Legends Y event, Niantic announced on its website that it will debut Yveltal soon.