Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Challengers Explained

Players can earn World Championship Pikachu encounter by battling Challengers.
Players can earn World Championship Pikachu encounter by battling Challengers. / Courtesy of Niantic

The Pokémon GO World Championship is currently underway in London, but players the world over stand to benefit from the proceedings. How? Through Twitch drops, featured attacks and a bunch of research quests and tasks. The central Research Quest focuses on battling Challengers, special adversaries players can encounter out in the world throughout the duration of the championship.

Here's everything you need to know about the Challengers so that you can get the maximum benefits out of the World Championship event.

What are Pokémon GO Championship Challengers?

World Championship Challengers are special adversaries players can in-game. You'll have to battle five in total to complete the World Championship 2022 Research Quest, but they'll vanish from the map once 8 p.m. local time hits Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Where are Pokémon GO Championship Challengers Located?

Players can encounter these Championship Challengers at PokéStops throughout the game world. These PokéStops will be wiggling, but won't have a special color the way Team Go Rocket stops do. Once you're close enough, you'll be able to battle these Challengers.

Pokémon GO Challenger Rewards

Defeating Challengers will earn the following rewards as you progress through the Research Quest:

  • Battle a Challenger — 10 Poké Balls
  • Battle 2 Challengers — 1 Fast TM
  • Battle 3 Challengers — 10 Great Balls
  • Battle 4 Challengers — 1 Charged TM
  • Battle 5 Challengers — 10 Ultra Balls

You'll also get a World Championship 2022 Pikachu encounter when you defeat your first Challenger.