Pokemon GO Cliff January 2021: How to Beat

Pokemon GO Team Rocket executive Cliff has a new strategy going into January 2021.
Pokemon GO Team Rocket executive Cliff has a new strategy going into January 2021. / Niantic Labs

Pokemon GO Team Rocket executive Cliff has a new strategy going into January 2021.

Team GO Rocket certainly hasn't given up their fight heading into the new year. It appears that Cliff, one of the group's executives, has eagerly placed himself in the middle of the conflict. Trainers will have to keep their wits about them to defeat him this January.

Pokemon GO Cliff January 2021

Cliff's team hasn't changed much since December 2020. His first Pokemon is still Omanyte, leading into a choice among Machamp, Onix, and Electivire, followed by Tyranitar, Torterra, or Swampert.

First Pokemon

Omanyte is a first form water and rock-type, making it fairly easy to do away with. It has a potent weakness to grass, making its most useful counter choices all grass-types. Shiftry, Chesnaught, Leafon, and Roserade are among the top choices with quick moves like Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, and Bullet Seed, paired with charged moves Solar Beam, Leaf Blade, and Energy Ball.

Second Pokemon

Premier fighting-type Machamp is weakest to psychic and flying types. Given the rest of his team, we recommend psychic over flying, including Pokemon like Mewtwo, Galarian Rapidash, and Delfox. Trainers should prioritize the quick moves Zen Headbutt, Confusion, and Psycho Cut, paired with the charged move Psychic.

Onix, Brock's favorite rock and ground-type, has a serious weakness to both grass and water-types. If trainers still have your grass-type from Omanyte, they're welcome to use them here. Otherwise, water-type counters include Kingler, Crawdaunt, and Kyogre with the quick moves Bubble and Waterfall paired with the charged moves Crab Hammer, Surf, and Hydro Pump.

Electivire is a pure electric-type, making its sole weakness ground-types. The best counter choices here are Excadrill, Therian Landorus, Groudon, and Rhyperior. The most effective movesets have the quick moves Mud Shot and Mud-Slap paired with the charged moves Earthquake, Drill Run, and Earth Power.

Third Pokemon

Tyranitar is a dark and rock-type, making its most powerful weakness fighting-types. The best counter choices here include Machamp, Lucario, Conkeldurr, and Breloom. The quick move that cause the most damage is Counter while the charged moves are Aura Sphere, Dynamic Punch, and Focus Blast.

Sinnoh starter Torterra is a grass and ground-type, making its primary weakness ice-types. Trainers should look to add Glaceon, Mamoswine, or Galarian Zen Darmanitan to their team. The most useful movesets have the quick moves Ice Fang, Frost Breath, Ice Shard, and Powder Snow, paired with the charged moves Avalanche and Ice Punch.

Swampert, the final form of the Hoenn starter, Mudkip, is a water and ground-type. Its sole weakness is grass, meaning that if trainers still have their grass-type around they should bring it out to play again.