Pokémon GO Deino Community Release Date

Image courtesy of Niantic

Niantic recently announced that Deino would be featured in June's edition of Pokémon GO Community Day.

With it are some sweet new rewards, like a new Special Research, special egg and raid bonuses, an exclusive move for the ultra-powerful pseudo-legendary Pokémon Hyrdeigon if you evolve your Deino, and more. Here's all the info you need about when and where this June's Community Day will be taking place.

Pokémon GO Deino Community Release Date

Deino are set to appear all around your Pokémon GO map starting Saturday, June 25, just over two weeks away from the time of writing. The event will run the same as other Community Day events have recently, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm local time. During this time, eggs will hatch sooner, all candy from caught Pokémon will be boosted, special community collaboration events will be going on in addition to a Special Research quest available for just $1.00 as well.

Niantic also recently announced the return of in-person meetups to Community Day as well, as they continue to roll out features that were paused because of COVID-19 restrictions. Just as with last month's in-person meetups, they will be available in select locations for trainers to band together on their shiny hunting, raids, or other Community Day adventures they happen to be going on.

Make sure to stay up to date with our Pokémon GO newsfeed for all the details on June Community Day coming shortly, in addition to all the other exciting events coming soon to Pokémon GO.